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"The Mushroom Jungle"

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Nominated for a Bouchercon Anthony Award THE MUSHROOM JUNGLE - A HISTORY OF POSTWAR BRITISH PAPERBACK PUBLISHING written by Steve Holland, introduction by Brian Stableford Trade Paperback. The definitive story of the emergence of the post war publishers, with an introduction to pre war publishers. A superb book that documents Steve Holland's many years of research in a one well illustrated authoritative volume Featured and praised in The Times, The Guardian, Paperback Parade, Literary Review and many other publications. More Details...

Publication price £14.95.SPECIAL PRICE £7.45

"Paperbacks, Pulps & Comics"

The British Magazine for all international fans. Great quality, highly informative. Get yours now while back issues still available. Colour covers, 100+ pages.

Publication Price £3.95 SPECIAL PRICE £2.00

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"British Gangster & 'Exploitation' Paperbacks of the Post War Years"

Colour covers and over 300 lurid books illustrated with values. Of great interest to book collectors, dealers and anyone interested in Popular Culture. The underbelly of the British postwar publishing industry is exposed in this book. These pulp paperbacks were turned out in their millions for essentially the male postwar reader desperate for tales of violence and sex. Many of the books are extremely scarce and highly prized for their hard-boiled tales of gangsters and their molls. Here is a visual history of the authors, artists and publishers of 1950s trash culture that led to many prosecutions for obscenity.Introduction is by Stephen Holland, the acknowledged expert and author of Mushroom Jungle - a history of Postwar Paperback Publishing (also published by Zeon).


Picture Cards

Agatha Christie and James Bond lettercards, as well as the PC Design postcard range.

LOW PRICE £1.00/$1.62 each or SPECIAL PRICE £5.00/ $8.25 for 6 cards

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