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Nominated for a Bouchercon Anthony Award "THE MUSHROOM JUNGLE - A HISTORY OF POSTWAR BRITISH PAPERBACK PUBLISHING" written by Steve Holland, introduction by Brian Stableford Trade Paperback, 234mm by 166mm, 216 pages long, colour cover and many b&w and colour illustrations of those great paperback covers.The definitive story of the emergence of the post war publishers, with an introduction to pre war publishers.The emergence of Panther, Corgi, Pan and others from the fly by night post war publishing world. The mystery surrounding publishers such as Scion, Gannet, Muir Watson, Brown Watson, R&L Locker, Harborough and many, many more. The search for the origins of those many pseudonyms and house names, such as Griff, Hank Janson, Ben Sarto, Vector Magroon, Volsted Gridban, Roland Vane, Dale Bogar The story of the entanglement of publishing with a sleazy underworld and the complete lowdown on the Hank Janson Obscenity Trials. Also a run down on the 50s comics purge. The superb artists of the period, Reginald Heade, Ron Turner, Denis McLoughlin, James McConnell, Perl with prime examples of their work.Interviews and comments from the authors and publishers of the era. A superb book that documents Steve Holland's many years of research in a one well illustrated authoritative volume.

Fascinating study that sheds light on a little known area of publishing history ... sure to become the standard work .... very well produced on high quality paper .. numerous illustrations. The author's enthusiasm is infectious" Interzone - "handsomely produced ... worthwhile foray ... excellent introduction". Also featured and praised in The Times, The Guardian, Paperback Parade, Literary Review and many other publications.

Publication price £14.95/ $24.60. SPECIAL PRICE £7.45