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Books Catalogue - Crafts

Pages: 1

Title, Author, ISBN, Notes
ID Publisher Edition Publish Date Condition Catalogue £

Crafts of America, Stapleton, Constance, (ISBN 0060960795), vg++ book Joanna Cotler Books 1989 trade edition paperback In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
102311 Joanna Cotler Books 352nd ed. 1989 vg++ Crafts £19.95 $26.93 €23.94 Buy Now
How to Sew, Johns, Susie, (ISBN 9781861089), 1st GMC Publications edition 2013 trade paperback fine book In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
103235 GMC Publications 2013 fine Crafts £2.95 $3.98 €3.54 Buy Now
The Complete Stained Glass Course: How to Master Every Major Glass Work Technique, with Thirteen Stunning Projects to Create, Wrigley and Gerstein, Lynette and Marc, (ISBN 9781840922), vg++ to fine large edition paperback book In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
103378 Apple Press; 2Rev Ed Edition 2000 fine Crafts £19.95 $26.93 €23.94 Buy Now
The Craft Traditions of India (Heritage of India), Jaitly, Jaya, (ISBN 1855010887), 1st Tiger Books 1st print edition hardcover 1990 fine book in fine dw In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
103143 Tiger Books New 1990 fine/fine Crafts £19.95 $26.93 €23.94 Buy Now
Pages: 1