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Books Catalogue - Economics


Title, Author, ISBN, Notes
ID Publisher Edition Publish Date Condition Catalogue £

Booms, Bubbles and Bust in the US Stock Market, Western, David L., (ISBN 041536969X), new 1st Routledge 2004 trade edition paperback In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
130652 Routledge 1st edition 2004 new Economics £17.95 $23.34 €21.54 Buy Now
Economic Balance and Growth Consolidation and Stabilisation in Hungary 2010-2014, Matolcsy, Gyorgy, (ISBN 9786155318), in English fine book in fine dw 1st ??2015 edition hardcover In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
115845 Magyar Nemzeti Bank 2015 fine/fine Economics £8.95 $11.64 €10.74 Buy Now
Global Institutions, Marginalization and Development (RIPE Series in Global Political Economy), Murphy, Craig N., (ISBN 0415700558), fine 1st edition Routledge 2004 hardcover blue covers In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
130609 Routledge 1st edition 2004 fine Economics £11.95 $15.54 €14.34 Buy Now
How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market, Darvas, Nicolas, (ISBN B003ZDA5SG), 1st edition Pan X229 1963 paperback vg+ condition. In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
41712 Pan MacMillan Books X229 1963 vg+ Economics £4.95 $6.44 €5.94 Buy Now
It's Your Money - Come and Get It, Margolius, Sifney, (ISBN B002M36C64), 1st Gold Medal 191 1951 vedition paperback vg condition. In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
189449 Gold Medal 191 1951 vg Economics £4.95 $6.44 €5.94 Buy Now
Rules and Reason: Perspectives on Constitutional Political Economy, Mudambi, Ram, (ISBN 0521650577), 1st Cambridge University Press 2002 edition hardcover new book In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
107097 Cambridge University Press 1 2001 new Economics £7.95 $10.34 €9.54 Buy Now
The World Economy Since the Wars, Galbraith, John Kennedy, (ISBN 1856194159), 1st edition Sinclair-Stevenson 1994 large paperback, fine In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
16225 Sinclair-Stevenson paperback / softback 1994 fine Economics £4.95 $6.44 €5.94 Buy Now
Unintended Consequences: Impact of Factor Endowments, Culture and Politics on Long-run Economic Performance (Ohlin Lectures): The Impact of Factor ... and Politics on Long-Run Economic Performance, Lal, Deepak, (ISBN 0262122103), fine book in vg++ dw 1st ?MIT Press 1998 Hardcover In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
129821 MIT Press 1998 fine/vg++ Economics £9.95 $12.94 €11.94 Buy Now