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Books Catalogue - Drugs

Pages: 1

Title, Author, ISBN, Notes
ID Publisher Edition Publish Date Condition Catalogue £

Drug Bug (Star Booklets), Palmquist and Reynolds, Allen and Frank, (ISBN 0551051272), 1st Marshall, Morgan and Scott 1972 edition paperback vg+ book In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
90336 Marshall, Morgan and Scott 1972 vg+ Drugs £4.95 $6.93 €5.94 Buy Now
Is Marijuana the Right Medicine for You? A Factual Guide to Medical Uses of Marijuana, Zimmerman, Bill, (ISBN 0671033964), 1st Pocket 1999 trade edition paperback vg++ to fine condition. In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
67018 Pocket Books paperback / softback 1999 vg++ Drugs £4.95 $6.93 €5.94 Buy Now
Opium: A Journey Through Time, Rose and Shearing, Susannak L. and Colin, (ISBN 190466850X), fine book in fine dw 1st 2004 Mercury Books London edition hardcover In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
104060 Mercury Books London 2004 fine/fine Drugs £4.95 $6.93 €5.94 Buy Now
Reefer Madness Three, Magazine, 1st edition 1990 staplebound A5 paperback new book strips etc In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
74861 Reefer Madness paperback / softback 1990 new Drugs £4.95 $6.93 €5.94 Buy Now
This Is Heroin, Ashton, Robert, (ISBN 1860744249), 1st Sanctuary Publishing 2002 trade edition paperback fine In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
33695 Sanctuary Publishing 1 2002 fine Drugs £4.95 $6.93 €5.94 Buy Now
Pages: 1