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Books Catalogue - Furniture

Pages: 1

Title, Author, ISBN, Notes
ID Publisher Edition Publish Date Condition Catalogue £

Building Classic Antique Furniture with Pine: 18 Step-by-Step Projects, Howard, Blair, (ISBN 1558704736), fine 1st edition North Light Books 1999 larger paperback book In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
103453 North Light Books 2001 fine Furniture £8.95 $12.08 €10.74 Buy Now
Chairs, Chairs, Chairs, Bueno, Patricia, (ISBN 8495692953), 1st 2003 Atrium Arto Editorial larger edition paperback vg++ to fine book In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
93945 Atrium Arto Editorial 2003 vg++ Furniture £7.95 $10.73 €9.54 Buy Now
Easy-to-make Wooden Furniture for Children, Howard, Paul, (ISBN 0719539889), 1st John Murray 1982 edition large hardcover fine book in near fine illustrated boards, In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
94008 John Murray 1982 fine Furniture £7.95 $10.73 €9.54 Buy Now
Furniture For the 21st Century, Norbury, Betty, (ISBN 067089169X), 1st Viking 2000 edition large hardcover fine book in fine dw, In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
94007 Viking 2000 fine/fine Furniture £7.95 $10.73 €9.54 Buy Now
Furniture Mouldings: Full-size Sections of Moulded Details on English Furniture from 1574 to 1820, Warne, E.J., (ISBN 0904638081), 1st Stobart Davies Ltd 1989 large edition paperback vg++ book In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
93927 Stobart Davies Ltd Facsimile edition 1989 vg++ Furniture £6.95 $9.38 €8.34 Buy Now
George Bullock: Cabinet Maker, Wainwight, Clive, (ISBN 0719545404), 1st John Murray 1988 edition hardcover vg++ book in vg++ dw We have traded for 20+ years In stock shipped from our UK warehouse Each Book is in a protective clear bag, well packaged and normally sent out within 24 ho
93837 John Murray National Museums & Galleries on Mersey First Edition 1988 vg++/vg++ Furniture £5.95 $8.03 €7.14 Buy Now
Modern Chairs (Midsize), Fiell, Charlotte and Peter, (ISBN 382282027X), 1st Taschen 2002 GmbH edition larger paperback fine book In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
94005 Taschen GmbH 01 2003 fine Furniture £5.95 $8.03 €7.14 Buy Now
The Things We See No. 4 Pottery and Glass, Hollowood, Bernard, (ISBN B0007J2P5C), 1st Penguin 1947 edition larger landscape format paperback vg++ condition. In vg+ dw In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
78110 Penguin 1st Edition 1947 vg++ Furniture £5.95 $8.03 €7.14 Buy Now
Pages: 1