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Books Catalogue - Fashion

Pages: 1

Title, Author, ISBN, Notes
ID Publisher Edition Publish Date Condition Catalogue £

Chanel, Charles-Roux, Edmonde, (ISBN 0002721287), 1st Harvill 1989 edition trade paperback, vg++ very nice copy In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
28761 Harvill Press New Edition 1989 vg++ Fashion £4.95 $6.93 €5.94 Buy Now
Fashion Design Drawing Course Principles, Practice and Techniques The Ultimate Guide for the Aspiring Fashion Artist, Tatham and Seaman, Caroline and Julian, (ISBN 9780500284), 1st edition Thames & Hudson 2003 trade paperback fine condition. In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
42871 Thames & Hudson 0 2005 fine Fashion £4.95 $6.93 €5.94 Buy Now
Fashion Illustration by Fashion Designers, Borrelli, Laird, (ISBN 9780500513), large book sales to UK only on this 1st Thames & Hudson edition 2008 hardcover fine condition book in near fine condition dw In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
89985 Thames & Hudson 01 2008 fine/fine Fashion £4.95 $6.93 €5.94 Buy Now
Flower Power + CD Rom (Pepin Fashion, Textiles & Patterns), Various, (ISBN 9789460090), Van Roojen, Pepin 1st Pepin edition 2011 large paperback new book stock In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
69359 Pepin paperback / softback 2009 new Fashion £6.95 $9.73 €8.34 Buy Now
Shoe Innovations A Visual Celebration of 60 Styles, Cox, Caroline, (ISBN 9781770850), 1st edition 2012 Firefly hardcover? Stiff card new book In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
99379 Firefly Books 2012 new Fashion £7.95 $11.13 €9.54 Buy Now
The Lords of Vaumartin, Holland, Cecilia, (ISBN 0395488281), 1st ACC 2009 edition 1st print large hardcover edition fine in fine condition . In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
68470 Orion Hardbacks First Edition 1988 fine/fine Fashion £4.95 $6.93 €5.94 Buy Now
The World Atlas of Street Fashion, Cox, Caroline, (ISBN 9781784722), new UK delivery only 1st edition 2017 large hardcover book In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
114198 Mitchell Beazley 01 2017 new Fashion £11.95 $16.73 €14.34 Buy Now
Twentieth-Century American Fashion: v. 37 (Dress, Body, Culture), Welters and Cunnningham, Linda and Patricia A, (ISBN 9781845200), vg++ 1st Bloomsbury trade edition 2005 paperback In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
122380 Bloomsbury 3PL Illustrated edition 2005 vg++ Fashion £14.95 $20.93 €17.94 Buy Now
Pages: 1