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Books Catalogue - Farming

Pages: 1

Title, Author, ISBN, Notes
ID Publisher Edition Publish Date Condition Catalogue £

Classic American Farm Gas Engines, Wendel, C.H., (ISBN 0879383135), 1st print Motorbooks International 1st edition 1988 large hardcover fine book in near fine dw In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
77425 Motorbooks International 0 1988 fine/fine Farming £8.95 $13.43 €11.64 Buy Now
Ford and Fordson Tractors (Enthusiast Color), Pripps and Morland, Robert N. and Andrew, (ISBN 0760300445), 1st Motorbooks International 1995 edition larger paperback fine book In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
77423 Motorbooks International 0 1995-08-01 fine Farming £8.95 $13.43 €11.64 Buy Now
The American Farm Tractor (Motorbooks Classics), Leffingwell, Randy, 1st Motorbooks International 2002 larger trade edition paperback vg++ book In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
81580 Motorbooks International paperback / softback 2002 vg++ Farming £17.95 $26.93 €23.34 Buy Now
The Magic of Old Tractors, Johnston, Ian M, (ISBN 9781742574), 1st edition New Holland Publishers 2014 hardcover book fine condition in fine dw In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
81581 New Holland Publishers First edition 2014 fine/fine Farming £79.95 $119.93 €103.94 Buy Now
Tractors Since 1889, Williams, Michael, (ISBN 0852362234), 1st print Farming Press 1st edition 1991 hardcover fine book in fine dw In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
77424 Farming Press Books and Videos First edition 1991 fine/fine Farming £8.95 $13.43 €11.64 Buy Now
Pages: 1