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Books Catalogue - Exploration

Pages: 1

Title, Author, ISBN, Notes
ID Publisher Edition Publish Date Condition Catalogue £

Karluk The Great Untold Story of Arctic Exploration, McKinlay, William Laird, (ISBN 058604745X), 1st Panther 1978 edition paperback vg+ In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
31069 Panther HarperCollins Publishers Ltd New Ed 1978 vg+ Exploration £4.95 $6.93 €5.94 Buy Now
Man Against Nature, Neider, Charles, 1st Corgi GA909 edition 1st printing paperback, vg+, Heyerdahl, Hillary, Lindbergh, Custer etc In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
9669 Corgi Transworld Pub GA909 1957 vg+ Exploration £4.95 $6.93 €5.94 Buy Now
Shackleton's Way: Leadership Lessons from the Great Antarctic Explorer, Morrell and CapparellL, Margot and Stephanie, (ISBN 1857882113), fine 1st 2001 trade edition paperback book In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
113072 Nicholas Brealey Publishing 2001 fine Exploration £4.95 $6.93 €5.94 Buy Now
South With Scott, Evans, Admiral Sir Edward, complete Collins White Circle edition paperback book In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
114100 Collins White Circle paperback / softback acceptable Exploration £4.95 $6.93 €5.94 Buy Now
Three Got Through A Classic of Arctic Adventure, Lindsay, Martrin, 1st Panther 633 1956 edition paperback good to vg Reginald Heade / Cy Webb cover art In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
31362 Panther 633 1956 vg Exploration £4.95 $6.93 €5.94 Buy Now
Pages: 1