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Books Catalogue - Pottery

Pages: 1

Title, Author, ISBN, Notes
ID Publisher Edition Publish Date Condition Catalogue £

English Blue and White Porcelain of the Eighteenth Century, Fisher, Stanley W., (ISBN 0713461438), 1st Batsford Ltd 1989 hardcover fine condition book in fine condition dw In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
90424 Batsford Ltd New Edition 1989 fine/fine Pottery £6.95 $9.73 €8.34 Buy Now
English Pottery Figures 1660-1860, Duthie, Eric, hardcover 1947 vg+ book no dw In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
113911 John Tiranti First edition 1947 vg+ Pottery £4.95 $6.93 €5.94 Buy Now
Handbook of Pottery and Porcelain Marks, Cushion and Honey, J.P. and W.B., (ISBN B0010CE4FY), 1st Faber & Faber 1956 Hardcover vg+ book nice blue boardsIn stock shipped from our UK warehouse
76786 Faber & Faber First Edition 1958 vg+ Pottery £4.95 $6.93 €5.94 Buy Now
Porcelain Through the Ages, Savage, George, 1st edition Pelican A298 1954 paperback, vg++ In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
15074 Pelican / Penguin Books A298 1954 vg++ Pottery £4.95 $6.93 €5.94 Buy Now
Pottery and Ceramics, Rosenthal, Ernst, 1st Pelican A201 1949 edition 1st printing paperback, vg+ In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
13164 Pelican A201 1949 vg+ Pottery £4.95 $6.93 €5.94 Buy Now
The Sylvac Story, Verbeek, Susan Jean, (ISBN 0951488902), 1st edition large 1989 paperback vg+ book In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
92251 Pottery Publications 1st Edition 1989 fine Pottery £4.95 $6.93 €5.94 Buy Now
Pages: 1