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Books Catalogue - Royalty


Title, Author, ISBN, Notes
ID Publisher Edition Publish Date Condition Catalogue £

Elizabeth Our Queen, Dimbleby, Richard, (ISBN 0333407415), vg+ condition book vg+ dw 1st edition 2nd print 1953 Hodder & Stroughton hardcover ( no pic f Queen on dw) owners name insideIn stock shipped from our UK warehouse
124973 Hodder & Stroughton First Edition 1953 vg+/vg+ Royalty £5.95 $7.74 €7.14 Buy Now
H. R. H. Princess Margaret: A Life Unfulfilled, Dempster, Nigel, (ISBN 0704323141), fine book in vg+ dw 1st Quartet Books edition 1st print 1981 In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
103592 Quartet Books 1981 fine/vg+ Royalty £3.95 $5.14 €4.74 Buy Now
Queen Elizabeth I, Neale, J E, (ISBN 0140204830), vg Pelican Penguin 1965 reprint edition paperback book In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
201387 Pelican Penguin Reprint Edition A483 1965 vg Royalty £4.95 $6.44 €5.94 Buy Now
The Queen's Resolve and Her Doubly Royal Reign of Sixty Years, Bullock, Charles, (ISBN B00271O3LC), nice copy 1st edition Home Words 1897 hardcover vg+ book blue boards, gold titling owners name inside In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
103028 Home Words' Publishing Office 1st.ed. 1897 vg Royalty £7.95 $10.34 €9.54 Buy Now